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It is a simple roleplaying game with a minimum number of rules, best used with comedy fantasy settings. It is a classic "beer and pretzels" system, perfect for groups of two to eight players, ages 12 and over. Is it as good as Dinky Dungeons? No way! Unfortunately, that wonderful RPG has been out of print for years and copies of it are extremely rare. Even if you were lucky enough to find it for sale, you'd spend a few hundred dollars just to buy the core system. Dinky Dragons will have to do until Doc makes his triumphant return.
Uncle Morty, are you listening?

What Is A Roleplaying Game?

A roleplaying game is a game of imagination. You participate in exploration and adventure by taking on the role of a character in a story. This fictitious person has attributes and skills that describe his talents. Every decision he makes and every action he takes is up to you. While roleplaying through your character, your choices are limited only by your creativity. Some choices will lead to success and others to failure, but they are yours to make. How the story unfolds depends on you.

How Does It Work?

Three or more people play the game together. One person acts as the Game Master, the narrator of the story. It is the Game Master's job to write an adventure, the story which the characters will participate in. He describes the setting to the other players, allowing them to picture it in their mind's eye as if they were reading a book. He determines the outcome of actions and makes sure the game rules are followed. He also roleplays all of the non-player characters that appear in the story. At the end of the adventure, he awards experience points, allowing the players to increase the power of their characters.

Here's an example:

  • Game Master says, "After riding through the mysterious Rakshar forest for three days, you discover a stone tower sitting atop a hill. The stones are weather worn, covered with moss and ivy. There are no lights shining from the high, narrow windows and the heavy wooden door is shut. It appears as if no one has been here in a long time. As you step closer, you notice arcane symbols carved above the door. This must be the tower of Baroz the Warlock! You've heard rumors that he left great treasures hidden in his tower. What do you do next?"
  • Player responds, "I dismount and tie the horse's reins to the nearest low tree branch. I approach the tower cautiously. If I don't see anything suspicious along the way, I stop at the front door and examine it carefully. Are there any traps or spells on the door?"
  • Game Master answers, "The oak door is held shut by a massive iron lock. You don't see any traps or magic. You notice a series of long, claw-like gashes in the wood. Leaves and debris have collected at the foot of the door. You probably won't be able to open it quietly."

Where Can I Learn More?

Wizards of the Coast publishes the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. Check out their article "What Is D&D?", and their store and event locator. One of the best ways to play is to join a game hosted by veteran roleplayers! The convention and live stream calendar might also have something in your area. You can also read Wikipedia's article on roleplaying games.

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