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Some of the great minds and artistic talents behind Dinky Dungeons have been kind enough to talk about themselves and the game.

Jeff Perryman is a level designer, animator, modeler, and illustrator who contributed some of the amazing second edition artwork.

Jeff Perryman

  • How did you become interested in roleplaying games?
    In the mid 70’s. I had two uncles in college and they were playing a minitures game called “Chain Mail”. They would let me push around some of the figures and we would, as gamers do, talk about the happenings of the poor troops at the hands of all these monsters. They would talk using funny voices and act out the dice rolls. It left an impression on me. Well we all know that “Chain mail” gave way to Dungeons and Dragons, and in the late 70’s I had a close friend who had moved away, but we talked often on the phone, ask me “You want to go through a dungeon?” Well I was hooked from then on.
  • How did you get involved with Dinky Dungeons?
    It was through Phil and the guys, we all ran around in the same Sci/Fi convention circuit, doing art for the art shows and trying to make a dollar. So it was kind of natural for us as a group to hang out and by that time Dinky was a massive hit. It was around the time of the 2nd Ed of the game that Phil, out of the kindness of his heart, asked me to do the covers. I was thrilled of course. I look back at those covers and wonder what Phil was thinking, as the quality of my art compared to his was drastic. Still, I am thankful for that start as I think it has lead me to be the professional that I am today.
  • What is your favorite memory of playing the game?
    It was a Game we played at, I think my place, Phil was running it and I was playing my favorite race, the Fuzzy Winker. It was a jail break scene and in the middle of the fight, the coke machine in the room stopped, causing the fight to pause and give us the players the upper hand. It was so absurd and random and summed up the Dinky universe so readily. We laughed till we could not breathe as Phil as a story teller is an awesome thing to see.

    He even did a piece of art for me commemorating the moment.
  • If you were a Dinky Dungeons character, what would you be?
    Well as stated above, I love the Fuzzy Winkers. That is all I ever really played. Comic relief covered in fur!
  • Where do you get the inspiration for Dungeon Notes?
    Well mostly from adventures I have played in or from stories others have told. However Dungeon Notes really got started as something to do as I was waiting for my levels to compile for the game I was working on at the time. I think it was a Spongebob game. Anyway levels take some time to compile, that and a group of us were complaining that we did not draw as much as we once did, so I started doodling on the post it note pad I had on my desk. And so DN was born. I posted them each week on Fridays as a personal goal. Later I ended up working at a university, where we would have insanely long meetings. So I started taking a sketch pad and continued drawing the notes there. The inspiration for those Notes was the goings on during those long meetings. But all and all, I try to keep the humor that I came to love of the Dinky universe.
  • How did you become a Level Designer?
    In truth? I was the last guy through the door for a meeting. Back then there were just artists. We did everything, levels, environments, objects and characters. There were no real specializations. So I was stuck with laying out the environments because no one really wanted to. I was good at it so I continued. This evolved into what is now known as a level designer.

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