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Summary: Duke Edmund Von Thorpe is widely known for being wealthy and eccentric. His favorite pet has escaped the manor and is running wild. Who would have guessed that a small, brown mutt could be so much trouble.

Starting Location: Seven Oaks, an affluent community on the eastern edge of the Gryphon Forest.
Artwork: Cuddles, the Duke's Hound

Plot Hooks:

  • One of the characters hears a rumor about a dire wolf rampaging through the villages surrounding Seven Oaks, leaving destruction in its wake. No one has been able to trap it or track it to its lair.
  • The party discovers a field with three dead goats, two dead cows, and one distraught farmer. "It's the Duke's hellhound, it is! I tell you, when that beast's killed all the livestock, he'll be after our children next!"
  • The characters notice an elderly man dressed as a butler, posting a sign which reads, "Reward: 3 gold for the return of the Duke's beloved hound, Cuddles. Lost from Seven Oaks on Tuesday."

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