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The Temple of Blood

Summary: The Dark Temple of Ju Dai'niao has been lost for centuries, half buried in an earthquake fissure. The party must find the treasure and escape before a dark revenant forces them to join the undead clergy.

Starting Location: Somewhere in Ghostwood.
Maps: The Blood Temple - Ground, Upper and Lower Level
Artwork: Razlar the Executioner

Plot Hooks:

  • A member of the party leads everyone through the woods on a narrow game trail. "It's a shortcut!" The sound of cracking timbers is their only warning before they fall into a temple chamber. Something gold glitters in the darkness.
  • A retiring adventurer gives one of the character's an old map of Ghostwood. He points out an odd symbol on the map. "That's the ancient Temple of Ju Dai'niao. I always wanted to go there! Those priests collected a tithe of gold and jewels to sacrifice to their god."
  • The mournful spirit of a beautiful woman appears to the party on the night of a full moon. She begs them to free the souls trapped in an evil temple.

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