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Spig's Revenge

Summary: You can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear. Looks like a pig sty. Stinks like a pig. Know a pig joke? Spig's already heard it... and he hates all of humanity for it. Soon, his pernicious, porcine plan will petrify the population. Literally.

Starting Location: Toad Swamp, near the Serpent River delta.
Maps: Village of Toad Swamp
Artwork: Spig, Disgruntled Wizard's Helper

Plot Hooks:

  • The party healer finds a sign in town square which reads, "Need men to deliver ointment and aid to village of Toad Swamp due to outbreak of frog pox, inquire of Davin Trumble."
  • A banker hires the party to find a delinquent debtor and recover the balance of the loan in money or goods. The deadbeat is Rusty Buckitt, a cranberry farmer from Toad Swamp.
  • While camped overnight, wolves startle the horses and one breaks free. The party tracks the errant mare to Toad Swamp. The horse has gone lame and will need a few days to heal before she's fit to travel.

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