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The Prince of Dorkness

Summary: Bazil Rathbone has always been the biggest geek in Half Moon Quay. Recently, he started acting even stranger. He dresses like a goth and only comes out at night. Is this just a dorky cry for attention?

Starting Location: Half Moon Quay, a seaside town at the end of the West Fork River.
Artwork: Bazil Rathbone

Plot Hooks:

  • While walking through Half Moon Quay after sunset, the party spots a butcher chasing a gawky customer out of his store, brandishing a hefty meat cleaver. "I ain't sellin' you blood again, Bazil! I know you ain't makin' no load o' plywood!" The customer is thin and pale, dressed in a black cotton and red velvet. He retreats quickly.
  • At the town washing well, the characters overhear women gossiping about a strange man in Half Moon Quay. "He's been odd ever since he was visited by a mysterious stranger", "He fell ill and nobody saw him for days", "I heard he drinks blood and turns into a bat at night!"
  • A reeve offers to hire the party. "My brother-in-law's been causing trouble up in Half Moon Quay. He's got all them superstitious sailors riled up. Go straighten him out before they run him out of town."

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