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It takes a necromancer to raise the dead.
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The Continent of Talantha
Talantha - Print Format
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Grimm Isle Treasure Map
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Bear Canyon Mine and the Cavern of Lost Souls

The Blood Temple - Ground, Upper and Lower Level

Sewer Beneath the Alchemist's Tower

Game Artwork

Bazil Rathbone from Half Moon Quay
Ben the Hermit from Boz
Captain Pegleg from Buccaneer Bay
Chompy the Hungry Dragon from Hormell
Cuddles, the Duke's Hound from Seven Oaks
Jake the Miner from Bear Canyon
Pipnog the Baby Zit'nohs Goblin from Possom Trot
Rattus Rex, King of the Rats Arcane from Alderia
Razlar the Executioner from the Temple of Blood
The Sea King from Pelican Cove
Spig, Disgruntled Wizard's Helper from Toad Swamp
Thorgren the Dwarf from Flintrock
Wilma the Witch from Deer Creek

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