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The squeaky wheel attracts the bandits.
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Are You A Hero?

Some people are born to fight monsters and explore dungeons while others should have stayed home. There are many types of adventurer. Will you be a legendary warrior, infamous thief or monster snack? Take this short survey and find out!

Which would you take as your share of the loot?
An even split.
The enchanted sword.
As much as I can fit in my pack.
Whatever the party leader gives me.
The loot.

When confronted by an iron-banded door, you...
Knock politely.
Open it.
Peer through the keyhole.
Check for traps.
Use acid to destroy the hinges.

You are surrounded by a band of orcs. You...
Demand a bribe to let them live.
Shout, "Yo, greenskins, let's party!"
Try to negotiate.
Leap into the fray.

What do you do in a room full of skeletons?
Kill them all for easy XP.
Say a prayer for the dead.
Run for my life!
Check them for treasure.
Push the cleric in ahead of me.

You've made camp and night's falling. It's time to...
Sneak off into the darkness.
Count the day's loot.
Sing bawdy drinking songs.
Put my bedroll near the fire.
Take watch.

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