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Baby Goblin Blues
Baby Goblin

Summary: The villagers of Possom Trot live in constant fear of goblin raids. Yesterday, an infant of the Zit'nohs tribe was found in a barn. The characters must play nanny to avoid a war.

Starting Location: Possom Trot, located near Mosswood and the Swiftwater River.
Artwork: Pipnog the Baby Zit'nohs Goblin

Plot Hooks:

  • The party stops in Possom Trot to visit the local blacksmith when one of their horses throws a shoe. The villagers ask for help with a small problem, in exchange for free food and lodging.
  • One of the characters has a second cousin who lives in Possom Trot. He writes a letter, begging for help with their goblin problem. "Pleez kom sune befor dey burn ma farm!"
  • Someone in the party has a wealthy grandmother who recently passed away. In her will, she asked that her ashes be taken back to the village of her birth. Unless this condition is met, the character won't receive any inheritance.

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