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Summary: The Redneck Festival is under way. Get ready for fiery chili, double-fried turkey legs and Elk Spit beer. Smokey Joe's is sponsoring the annual Thwack Off with a 1 gold prize. Bow hunters will be there from far and wide.

Starting Location: Redwood Valley, near the source of the Swiftwater River.
Artwork: "Wild" Jim Kurie

Plot Hooks:

  • The party stops at an Inn along the river road. The barmaid is wearing a button that says, "Stop staring at my rack!" The bartender's button reads "Buck Off!" They talk about the festival when asked about the buttons.
  • The prize for winning the Thwack Off is more than the characters can resist. Even divided among the party members, it's a lot of money. As the locals say, "thwack 'em 'n stack 'em!"
  • The characters are on their way to Redwood Valley for the start of the festival. The iridescent antlers of the Keresh deer who migrate south out of the Blackspire mountains fetch a handful of silver coins.

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