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Wanted: Dragonslayer

Summary: The village of Hormell makes the best sausages in the realm. People come from far and wide to eat their spicy sizzlers. Unfortunately, they just met their biggest fan.

Starting Location: Hormell, located on the east coast halfway between Wavecraft Harbor and Barnacle Bay.
Artwork: Chompy the Hungry Dragon

Plot Hooks:

  • The inn burns down and the party barely escapes with their gear. The culprit? An enthusiastic dragon in pursuit of a wagon full of sausages.
  • A character catches a scrawny young boy picking his pocket. The boy apologizes and explains, "Please sir, my family is starving. Things are real tough, on account of the dragon..."
  • The town cryer rings a bell and announces, "Hear ye, hear ye! The Village of Hormell seeks adventurers brave and noble to assist with a vexing beast, and offers fine account to any who prove successful in the matter."

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