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The Long Winter
Frozen Dwarf

Summary: A dwarven warrior, Druggin Bronzehelm, seeks adventurers to retrieve his missing brother from the dangerous mountain region known as Snowblind Pass. His brother Thorgren went hunting for arctic bears and was due to return three weeks ago.

Starting Location: Flintrock, a dwarven trade town at the mouth of the Orrin River.
Maps: Snowblind Pass
Artwork: Thorgren the Dwarf

Plot Hooks:

  • Druggin approaches the party while they're shopping. He offers a sizable reward and a twenty percent discount on all adventuring supplies if they can find his missing brother, Thorgren.
  • While drinking at the tavern, a rowdy group of dwarves mocks the party and questions their adventuring prowess. They dare the heroes to brave Snowblind Pass and bring back the head of an arctic bear.
  • The party is arrested for breaking some obscure dwarven law. They can spend the winter in jail and pay a hefty fine, or help the community by rescuing Thorgren.

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