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Gaming Glossary

  • 1d6/2 - roll a six-sided die, divide the result by 2 and round up.
  • 2d6 - roll two six-sided dice and add the results.
  • 3d6 - roll three six-sided dice and add the results.
  • Area Of Effect (AOE) - an effect, usually a spell or weapon attack, which affects everything in a defined area.
  • Armor Value - the number of points armor contributes to a target's defense value.
  • Attack Value (AV) - a number that represents an attacker's ability to successfully strike a target.
  • Attribute - (also: stat) a number representing a character's mental or physical aptitude; higher numbers are better.
  • Attribute Check - (also: roll versus attribute)
  • Caster - The person who is casting a spell on the target.
  • Copper Piece (CP) - The lowest denomination coin, worth about a dollar. 100 copper pieces are worth one silver.
  • Critical Hit - a successful attack that deals more damage than a normal blow; critical hits are usually difficult to achieve, with more powerful PCs being more likely to achieve them.
  • Critical Miss - a failed attack roll that produces catastrophic results for the character.
  • Damage Over Time (DOT) - an effect which causes damage for several rounds.
  • Defense Value (DV) - a number that reflects how difficult it is to succesfully hit a target.
  • Experience Points (XP) - points given to reward characters for success in combat, task-completion, and story advancement; accumulation of points allows characters to increase their abilities.
  • Game Master (GM) - (also: DM, dungeon master) a participant in a multiplayer game who acts as the storyteller and rules arbitrator. The GM's purpose is to weave the other participants' stories together, control the non-player aspects of the game, and describe environments in which the players can interact.
  • Gold Piece (GP) - A gold coin, equal in value to 100 silver pieces.
  • Health Points (HP) - a measure of a character's health, the amount of damage he can take before dying or becoming incapacitated.
  • Hex Radius - on a hexagonal map, the hex that the source of the effect is in, plus all hexes that are within a certain number of contiguous hex spaces from the source.
  • In Character (IC) - something said, done, or known by the character within the game.
  • Initiative - a system for determining which character acts first, or the order in which players take turns.
  • Line Of Sight (LOS) - an imaginary line drawn between subject and target; the subject may only act or fire upon the target if the line is unobstructed.
  • Magic Points (MP) - a measure of magical energy within a character which is drained by the casting of spells and recovered by rest.
  • Melee Combat - a fight involving hand-to-hand combat rather than ranged weapons.
  • Module - an adventure written by the game master, containing maps and a description of the plotline, NPCs, monsters, locations, traps and special items that appear in the story.
  • Non-Player Character (NPC) - a character whose actions are determined by the game master; NPCs might be allies, monsters, bystanders, or enemies of the player's characters.
  • Off Hand - the character's weaker hand; the left hand for right-handed characters.
  • Out Of Character (OOC) - anything which is said, done, or known by the player, as opposed to his character.
  • Party - a group of player characters who act and travel together.
  • Player Character (PC) - a fictional character in a game who is controlled by the player, rather than the GM.
  • Plot Hook - an excuse for the characters to get involved in the adventure, usually an interesting conversation, clue or event.
  • Range Of Hearing (ROH) - the range at which targets can hear the speech, music, spellcasting or other sounds made by the subject.
  • Roll To Hit - (also: attack roll) a roll to determine whether an attack hits, using the character's appropriate attributes and combat skills.
  • Round (Rnd) - a 10-second segment of time in which each character can take a turn and perform an action.
  • Run A Game - to referee an adventure; to act as the game master.
  • Saving Throw - (also: resisting) a die roll to determine if a character can avoid or reduce the effects of a spell, poison, fear, or other adverse circumstance.
  • Silver Piece (SP) - A silver coin, equal in value to 100 copper pieces.
  • Skill - a character's training, experience and aptitude in a set of related trades.
  • Skill Check - (also: roll versus skill) a die roll to determine if the character can succesfully use a particular skill.
  • Spellcaster - A person capable of casting spells; a sorcerer, wizard or bard.
  • Target - The person, item or area that is the intended recipient of a spell or weapon hit.
  • Trait - a character merit designed to give a bonus or special ability.

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