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Using Skills

Skill checks are made by rolling equal to or less than Attribute + Skill on 3d6. For example; use Body + Athletic to swim, or use Mind + Social to lie convincingly.

Sometimes it is more difficult to use a skill than normal. For example, when the character has to hurry, doesn't have the right tools, is under attack, has little light available, is trying to pick an extremely complex lock, or is terrified that he'll die if he fails. The game master will assign a penalty to the roll based on the severity of the situation, ranging from 1 to 5.

If the situation is not particularly dangerous or challenging, the game master can assign a bonus to the roll. For example, when the character has assistance, has encountered the problem many times before, or is trying to disarm a very simple trap.

A skill can only be tested once in a particular situation. You can't keep trying the same thing over and over until the dice roll succeeds. You can roll again the next day, or sooner if you come up with a new plan.

How well a character succeeds or fails depends on the difference between the target number (Attribute + Skill) and the total rolled on three six-sided dice.

Measure of Success and Failure

Under ByResult   Over ByResult
0Barely succeeded   1Barely failed
1Succeeded   2Failed
2Impressive success   3Laughable failure
3Incredible success   4Complete failure
4Astounding success   5Dismal failure
5Legendary success   6Total disaster

Miscellaneous Rules

Saving throws are used to resist the effects of magic, poison, or other harmful effects. To make a saving throw, roll the appropriate attribute or less on 3d6. Use Body to save versus death, poison, knockout, stun, disease, paralysis and magic with non-damaging physical effects. Use Mind to save versus fear, charm, sleep, pain, illusion, possession and mental magic.

Health points (HP) recover at a rate of 1 per 8 hours of rest. Medical care, such as first aid, received immediately after combat can heal 1d6/2 health points over the first hour (round up). A character at 0 HP is in a coma and will die without immediate medical attention. At -1 HP or less, he's dead.

Movement (MV) is measured in 5' hexes. The number of hexes you can move during one combat round is equal to your Body minus half of your armor's defense value (round down). Every hex you move beyond this decreases your defense value by one. Out of combat, you can move (Body x 5) minus armor defense value in hexes. Heavy encumbrance can also reduce your movement rate.

Gold pieces (GP) are worth 100 silver pieces (SP) each. One silver piece is worth 100 copper pieces (CP).

Experience Points
Cave Family

At the end of each game session, the game master should award experience points (XP) to the players based on their participation. These points can be spent to increase the character's power. This is how a lowly adventurer becomes an epic hero! After an average, four-hour game session, a player will earn about 4 XP. Increasing an attribute also improves secondary attributes, perception, skill checks and saving throws. It does not increase skill points or number of spells known.

One point can be awarded for each of the following:

  • Roleplays his character well, with a distinct and interesting personality.
  • Roleplays in a way that entertains the group more than usual.
  • Enriches the story by improvising elements that don't conflict with the plot.
  • Learns something important about another player's character through roleplay.
  • Uncovers an important secret or clue, and shares it with the other characters.
  • Performs a heroic act or comes up with a brilliant plan that helps the party succeed.
  • Roleplays well with NPCs, whether friend or foe.
  • Resolves a sub-plot or significantly furthers the main plot.

Experience point costs:

  • Increase an Attribute by 1 — 12 XP
  • Improve Perception by 1 — 6 XP
  • Increase base Hit Points by 1 — 3 XP
  • Increase base Magic Points by 1 — 2 XP
  • Improve a Skill by one rank — 5 XP
  • Gain a new Trait — 6 XP
  • Learn a new Low Magic spell — 3 XP
  • Learn a new High Magic spell — 4 XP
  • Learn a new combat maneuver — 6 XP
  • Gain a windfall of 1 Silver — 1 XP

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