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Cavern of Lost Souls

Summary: Residents of a poor town have found a long-lost mine that could save them from abject poverty. There's just one thing keeping them from mining - ghosts!

Starting Location: Bear Canyon, in the foothills north of Sunrise River.
Maps: Bear Canyon Mine and the Cavern of Lost Souls
Artwork: Jake the Miner

Plot Hooks:

  • A goldsmith has heard about the ghosts of Bear Canyon Mine, but he doesn't believe a word of it. It's all superstitious nonsense. Unfortunately, the rumors are hurting business. He's willing to pay the party to go to the mine, pretend to slay a ghost, and declare it safe.
  • Jake the Miner is down on his luck and spending his last few coppers on ale at the Inn. The party is just about to shoo the stinking, long-winded old-timer off when he offers to split the gold, if only the party will help him with some pesky ghosts.
  • The party happens upon an abandoned mine. While investigating the main shaft, they hear the disturbing sound of a woman wailing in grief. A vaguely bluish light is shining somewhere down in the tunnels.

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