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Tower of Dark Sorcery

Summary: Wilma the Witch has developed a cure for the Purple Plague. She'll give it to the party... if they retrieve a book from an ancient wizard's tower.

Starting Location: Deer Creek, located on the Wild Buck River northwest of Thornwood.
Maps: The Dark Tower - Ground, First, Second, Third Floor and Lower Level
Artwork: Wilma the Witch

Plot Hooks:
You can use one of the following hooks to draw the party into the adventure.

  • A character's mother has contracted the Purple Plague. She asks her adventurous offspring to buy the cure from Wilma the Witch before she dies of embarrassment.
  • Four bedraggled men emerge from the woods, after failing miserably to find a way into a stone tower. "Darn that old coot! Hey there, you look like you know a thing or two about grumpy wizards. We need to get this book for a witch..."
  • A small child approaches a character and tugs on his sleeve. "Please mister, you're a hero, aren't you? My sister is real sick and needs help."

    Recently, there has been an outbreak of the Purple Plague in the villages along the Wild Buck River, reaching as far south as Buccaneer Bay. Although the plague isn't fatal, it is becoming a major concern. Merchants are unwilling to deliver goods upriver until the plague has passed.
    Wilma is a lonely witch who lives in Deer Creek. She makes a living by selling alchemical potions and simple remedies. When she reached her sixtieth birthday, she realized that mystical power was no substitute for companionship. She still carries a flame for an old rival of hers, a wizard named Alric Arcadia. Alric is a stubborn old recluse who lives in a stone tower, just inside Thornwood forest. Wilma knows that he doesn't accept visitors, and no one delivers mail to the Dark Tower. She intends to draw Alric out by stealing the one book he would never let her borrow, a mysterious Grimoire. If someone brings her the book, she will trade it for an entire cauldron of potion that cures the Purple Plague with a single dose.
    Alric Arcadia isn't actually a recluse. The Tower is also home to a red-headed genie named Jesamine. She has a huge crush on Alric and intends to keep him all to herself. Jesamine has used magic to disguise herself as a human bard. Over the last few years, she has acted as Alric's cook, housekeeper and confidant. Whenever someone tries to visit the tower, she sends them away as quickly as possible. Alric is a little bit senile. He has been so wrapped up in his studies, he hasn't noticed anything strange about Jesamine or realized how much time has passed since he last left the Tower.

What Do The Characters Know?
Roll Mind+Arcane to remember any lore concerning the Dark Tower.

  • Fail by 6+: The Dark Tower is the world's most deadly collection of fiendish traps. None who have stepped through its doors have survived.
  • Fail by 3+: The deadly rumors concerning the Dark Tower are false. The "wizard" living inside is nothing but a second-rate charlatan.
  • Succeed by 1+: The Dark Tower is protected by magical traps.
  • Succeed by 3+: Alric Arcadia built the Dark Tower. He may still live there, researching new incantations.
  • Succeed by 5+: The name of the place is actually "Dharak" Tower, which means library in an ancient language.

Roll Mind+Medical to remember information about the Purple Plague.

  • Fail by 6+: Anyone infected by the plague dies when all of their skin turns purple.
  • Fail by 3+: The plague is caused by mosquito bites.
  • Succeed by 1+: The plague is very contagious, spread by touch.
  • Succeed by 3+: The plague is a fungal infection picked up from animals.
  • Succeed by 5+: Patients who avoid heat and humidity recover from the plague in six weeks.

Story Guide

Encounter 1: Deer Creek Inn
    The Deer Creek Inn is a one-story, stone building with a spacious dining room, four guest rooms, and a generous cellar. The inn is owned by Carl Cooper and managed by his wife, Lara.
    The innkeeper is helping is wife clear tables in the dining room when the party arrives. Carl is a lean man with the soft hands of a businessman. Streaks of grey shoot through his short brown hair. He wears loose clothing in bright colors, a cut above the average peasant's garb. He carries himself with confidence and greets the characters right away. Lara is a middle-aged woman with long black hair and a simple cotton dress. She is aloof, even brusque with strangers and won't speak with the characters except to serve them at mealtimes.
    Carl will rent rooms to the characters for 10 copper per night. If a character mentions that the party plans to help with the plague, he will lower the price to 2 copper per night. If asked, Carl will suggest that the PCs talk to Wilma, the local witch, about a cure. He can point them in the direction of her house. He is also happy to introduce the party to Fendrel Vernold, if they ask for a guide to take them into Thornwood Forest. Fendrel has been to the tower once before and remembers the way to Spellwood.
    During the early evenings, the dining room becomes a small tavern. Carl's two sons, Rick and Corin, are vintners who supply the village with wine and ale. Carl sells several bottles of Staghorn Wine and dozens of mugs of Rick's Red Ale to the locals. The villagers also play dice games and gamble for very small stakes. The characters can join in and test their Social skill to determine if they win or lose.

Characters can roll Mind+Social to gather rumors from the townspeople.

  • Fail by 6+: A demon killed the wizard of the Tower and made it his lair.
  • Fail by 3+: The Dark Tower is the source of the Purple Plague and other mysterious ailments.
  • Succeed by 1+: The master of the Dark Tower never grants an audience to visitors.
  • Succeed by 3+: Sometimes, people wandering near the Tower hear beautiful music and a young woman singing.
  • Succeed by 5+: Wilma the Witch can cure the plague, but no one has been able to pay her price.

Encounter 2: Wilma the Witch
    Wilma lives in a small, two-story stone house on the outskirts of the village. A sign on the door reads "Open" with small pictures of rising and setting suns. There is a small bell beside the door that makes a discordant clattering when rung. The entire ground floor is a workshop chock full of occult knickknacks and cloaked by the thick smoke of incense. Wilma's personal quarters, off limits to visitors, are on the upper floor.
    Wilma sometimes speaks in metaphors or riddles, leaving her listener to decide what she really means. Occasionally, she becomes more whimsical and blurts out a rhyme. This makes her even more mysterious to the villagers. If the characters are polite and seem intelligent, she will speak to them more directly. When she is in a good mood, she has a quirky sense of humor.
    If the party arrives later in the day, she calls out, "Ah! As wistful twilight falls, my last customer calls. Come in and be quick about it!" If the party waits until morning to visit, she says, "The vengeful sun brings morning, and with it my first customers. Enter!"
    The party enters to see Wilma dissecting half a dozen giant locust-like insects, separating the various bits and storing them in curiously marked jars. The air is humid. In the middle of the workshop, a massive cauldron of dark raspberry-colored liquid is simmering over a small, magical fire with bright blue flames. If they are perceptive, characters may notice a giant black rat slipping out the back through a pet door.
    When a character asks Wilma for a remedy to the Purple Plague, she says:
"I have the cure you seek, but first, the small matter of payment. This cauldron of cure, it's seething distillation all for you, but bring me one thing. A tower lies beyond the dark orchards. Its stones still shine in moonlight. Within, my oldest rival, his gnarled fingers weaving reckless spells. He lives in a gossamer trap. He does not see beyond his windows, yet his secret vault holds the very thing I desire, a grimoire of forgotten magic. The ancient tome is a thief, opening on fiery pages not to be touched by mortal hands. Do not take enchanted treasures. No harm must come to the sorcerer. Gain the grimoire. Let there be a change of fortunes in the hour of the wolf."
    Wilma will describe what the Grimoire looks like and draw a rough map to the Dark Tower. She doesn't know the internal layout of the tower or specifically where the grimoire is kept. If Fendrel Vernold acts as a guide, the party can travel through Thornwood Forest and reach Spellwood in a day and a half. Following Wilma's map, the trip takes the better part of three days. A character can test his Outdoors skill to lead the party there in only two days.

Encounter 3: Spellwood
    Spellwood is a small portion of the vast Thornwood Forest. No roads run through the wood, but a good tracker will find numerous game trails. Travel is not particularly difficult during the day. On any evening with cool weather, a light fog forms in the wood. Fireflies and owls are common after dark.
    While the party is camped on the first night, a Sable Fox steals an important item. This will be something relatively small, preferably shiny and magical. If a character is on watch, they see the silhouette of a large fox dashing into the underbrush, holding a leather pouch in its mouth. Otherwise, the theft is not discovered until dawn and the party will need to track the fox by its paw prints using the Outdoors skill.
    When the party finally catches up with the Sable Fox, they find him sitting on a log by a pond, opening the pouch and examining the contents in a rather human-like fashion. This is a clue to the party that they are not dealing with an ordinary fox.
    A character needs to roll a critical success on a test of his Underworld skill to sneak up on the Sable Fox. If he does, he can snatch the fox or the pouch. If the fox is grabbed, he will attack. If the pouch is snatched, the fox will growl, dash into the woods, and quickly disappear.
    The Sable Fox is much smarter than a normal animal. A character could offer to trade the pouch for another interesting item. A successful test of the Social skill allows him to entice the fox into accepting the new item and abandoning the pouch. Once the fox accepts the trade, he will run off into the woods. If the party solves the encounter this way, a small emerald worth 1 GP is in the pouch, along with the stolen item.
    If the party cannot sneak up on the Sable Fox and doesn't try to bargain with him, they will need to catch him. He will not fall for simple traps. If the party chases him long enough, he will lead them into an embarrassing blunder, such as falling into a muddy pit or running into a pile of moose dung. If the party seems malicious, he will trick them into a more dangerous blunder, such as crashing into a wasp's nest. Characters can test their Athletic skill to overcome the obstacle. Regardless of the outcome, once the party has paid for being troublesome, the fox will leave the pouch along his trail where they can find it.

Encounter 4: The Dark Tower
    The Dark Tower rests on a wide, low hill. There are a few ornamental trees surrounding it, but no large trees within 100'. The tower is a roughly hexagonal stone structure, measuring 25' wide and four stories high. Ivy vines grow up the tower in several places. The light grey stones are weather-worn, yet still glossy and smooth in patches. There is a heavy double-door in the front, and a small service door around the back. There are no windows on the ground floor. The upper floor windows have thick wrought iron bars. Perceptive characters may notice that there is no outhouse or well near the tower.
    The front and back doors are protected by a spell. Any magical attacks on the doors are reflected back. A spellcaster can test his Arcane skill to notice the magic and determine its nature. If the party climbs to the roof, they will discover that there is no trap door or other way in. Much to their dismay, they may also discover several dozen strips of wood embedded with short, sharp spikes. The spikes are used to prevent pigeons and other messy birds from nesting on top of the tower. Characters can look in any of the windows they reach by climbing. Unfortunately, Jesamine is likely to hear them climbing up and be ready with a very unpleasant response.
    Jesamine will answer shortly after a character knocks on the front doors. She is haughty and brusque. Regardless of what the character says, she will interrupt them and offer a simple dismissal, "The great sorcerer Arcadia is not accepting visitors, good day!" With this said, she will promptly slam the door in the character's face. If the party knocks a second time, she is slower to answer. "Yes yes yes," she interrupts, "I know, you are a worthy apprentice, have a dragon that needs slaying, or want a curse removed from the girl of your dreams. Too bad for you, now go a-way!" If the party persists, she will answer the door a third time and issue a stern warning with a thinly veiled threat. Beyond this, she will not answer the door and will attempt to force the party to leave by magic and trickery. If a character attempts to hold the door open or force his way past Jesamine while speaking with her, he will discover that she is amazingly strong. Brute force isn't likely to work.
    As long as the characters don't attack Jesamine with the intention of doing bodily harm, she will use her mystical powers to trick or frighten them off. She dislikes physical conflict and will try to avoid it. She will not kill unless she believes a character intends to severely harm her or Alaric.
    If the party causes a great commotion, Alric will ask Jesamine about the visitors. She will claim that they are below his notice - nosy peasant, annoying would-be apprentices, or dishonest merchants. He will believe her. Alric will not cross paths with the party unless they specifically look for him. He is inclined to let Jesamine deal with the party, unless they seem especially dangerous. If Alric becomes aware that the party intends to kill him or Jesamine, he will bring lethal magic to bear.
    In the early morning hours, while Jesamine and Alaric are asleep, the party may be able to enter the tower by stealth. Sneaky characters can test their Underworld skill to pick the lock and open a door without awakening the tower's two residents. Once inside, the party will be caught unless they remain quiet.

    The characters must talk, trick, sneak, or fight their way into the Tower and past its guardian, Jesamine. Game Masters should allow any clever, entertaining ploy to work. Characters can test their Arcane skill to see past Jesamine's tricks and discover her true nature. Each time Jesamine uses magic against the party, give them a cumulative +1 bonus on this skill check.

Encounter 5: The Whispering Vault
    If the party enters by stealth, they will be able to move around the tower with relative freedom. The doors to the library, laboratory, Jesamine's quarters and Alaric's apartment are locked. These doors are also protected by a spell that will set off a wailing alarm if the lock is picked or the door is forced.
    Several rooms in the tower are enhanced by magic to make them more comfortable - the bedrooms, kitchen, wash rooms and privies.
    A secret door is located on the lower level, in the gap beneath the spiral stairs. Characters can roll PER (Mind+Underworld) to notice it. A character must succeed at a test of his Underworld skill to pick the lock. Characters can roll PER (Mind+Underworld) to notice the secret lever concealed in the wall which will open the door and disarm the first trap. Alternately, a character can roll PER (Mind+Craft) at a -2 penalty to notice the secret door or levers, using his knowledge of masonry and construction. If the trap is not disarmed, the character in front of the party must test his Combat skill to avoid the poisoned crossbow bolt that fires as the door is opened. A character hit by the bolt takes 1 point of damage immediately, followed by 1 point of damage in each of the next 3 minutes if a poison antidote or magical cure is not administered.
    Beyond the secret door beneath the stairs is an L-shaped hallway. A pit trap is concealed in the floor near the end of the hall, triggered by weight. There are two ways around the trap. A cautious character walking with their back to the wall will creep along the edge of the trap without setting it off. A character can also roll PER (Mind+Underworld) or PER (Mind+Craft) at a -2 penalty to notice the secret lever that disarms the trap. If the party triggers the trap, characters standing directly above the pit automatically fall in. Any characters over the edges of the pit can test their Athletic skill to avoid falling in. The pit is 15' deep with extremely slimy walls and small spikes driven into the floor. Each character who falls in takes 1d6 points of damage.
    The door to the Whispering Vault has a large lock made of several interlocking metal rings. There are large numbers engraved along the rings. The lock is a math puzzle. Characters can test their Craft skill to solve it. The metal rings must be rotated until the numbers align to display the answer. Characters can roll PER (Mind+Arcane) to notice that the lock is enchanted. Whether or not the answer is correct, the lock will click and the door opens.
    The party finds a large hardwood cabinet and three iron-bound chests inside the vault. If the wrong solution was given to the puzzle lock, three Tormented Spirits rise up out of the floor and attack the party. If the correct solution was given, the party can hear faint, unearthly whispers echoing through the vault. An ornate ebony box containing the Grimoire can be found on a lower shelf in the middle section of the cabinet. The three chests are locked and contain an assortment of antique magical relics.

Encounter 6: Alric the Seriously Peeved
    Once the party successfully steals the Grimoire, they should take it directly to Wilma. The longer they delay, the more the party will feel a sense of deep foreboding emanating from the tome.
    If Wilma discovers that the party stole anything magical other than the Grimoire, she will be furious. She can perceive enchanted items, even if they are concealed in clothing or packs. Wilma will demand that party leave the Grimoire with her and return the stolen items immediately.
    Wilma will fly into a rage of Alric was injured. She will respond by laying devious and cruel curses on the party. Characters will have an extremely difficult time making amends and convincing Wilma to remove the curses.
    If the party acted in good faith, Wilma will offer a healing potion to each injured character, fully restoring their Health Points.
    When Wilma receives the Grimoire, she touches it gently and holds it at arm's reach, as if it was a deadly serpent that could strike at any moment. She will not open the tome, nor allow anyone else to do so. The incredible amount of caution she uses while handling the grimoire should be a clue to the party that it is extremely dangerous, even to a trained spellcaster. She will give the party a large, sealed barrel of Pomegranate Panacea, a thousand doses of cure for the Purple Plague. If the party has no means of transporting the barrel, she will give them an old, rickety wooden hand cart from her garden shed.
    Just before the party leaves, Alric will arrive at Wilma's house. The loss of the dangerous Grimoire has forced him to shake off Jesamine's charms and leave the Tower. Although he is furious and a little bit frightened, he is thinking clearly for the first time since Jesamine moved in with him. Wilma will quickly gain his full attention, cackling loudly and making scathing remarks. Alric will carry on like a typical grumpy old man.

Wilma: "Aha! The old geezer really can come out of his high tower!"
Alric: "Wilma! I should have known that you were behind this! How dare you steal from me..."
Wilma: "I? How dare I? How dare you! You stole my heart years ago, then shacked up with a pretty little thing half your age!"
Alric: "Jesamine is like a niece to me, she has nothing to do with this! The Grimoire is dangerous, it's vile, it's..."
Wilma: "Relax gramps, I know all about your Grimoire. I have no intention of reading it. I only stole it to get you out of that damnable tower!"
Alric: "Good! If you read even one word, it will rend your soul, it will shatter your sanity, it will... wait, what did you say about your heart?"

    The characters will have to work hard to interject comments into the shouting match. It will quickly become obvious that Wilma has deep feelings for Alric, which he was completely oblivious to. These feelings take him completely by surprise and leave him off balance. Once it sinks in, he'll be embarrassed, flattered, and perhaps even realize that he has a spark in his heart for Wilma. If the party reveals the truth about Jesamine's nature to Alric and Wilma, it will greatly improve the chances that the encounter will end well.

    If all goes well, the party will have earned a barrel of Pomegranate Panacea. They can distribute it however they like. Peasants are willing to pay up to 12 copper per dose. Residents of Buccaneer Bay can pay up to 20 copper, however the party will need to keep an eye out for wily pirates who would steal their barrel. There are about 50 doses in the barrel. If the party donates the cure for free, they will earn the gratitude of many people. Some of these will offer small rewards. Their reputation along the Wild Buck River will improve, and they may gain new contacts and allies along the way.

Key Descriptions

Alric Arcadia
Body 5, Mind 9, PER 8, HP 5, MP 20, DV 4 (Enchanted Robes), MV 25, Attacks: Spells
    Alric looks like a typical elderly scholar, with a balding pate, bushy eyebrows, and a scruffy white beard. The wrinkles on his face make him look very wise or extremely grumpy, depending on his mood. He wears loose-fitting azure robes with gold embroidery. No one knows the completely contents of his numerous pouches and pockets, not even Alric himself. If he kept count, he would be sixty three years old. On the surface, Alric is a gifted thaumaturge and an eccentric loner. He is easily distracted by his work and can spend countless hours tinkering with a new magical formula. He is quite forgetful of day-to-day tasks. Once you get past his gruff exterior, Alric can be a charming and reliable friend. Given an opportunity, he will tell many exciting stories about his life as a young, adventuring sorcerer. Deep down, Alric is a lonely man who throws himself into his work because he has no family and most of his contemporaries are dead.
    Alric knows nearly every magical incantation ever discovered. Due to his patchwork memory, he can only recall a handful at a time. On occasion, he has also been known to cast the wrong spell. He was quite dismayed when a spell intended to repair an old, favorite pair of slippers caused them to levitate out the window instead. When Alric is angry, he is surprisingly focused and competent.
    Alric believes that Jesamine is the daughter of a distant cousin. Her career as a bard flopped and she had nowhere else to turn, so Alric is providing her with a place to live. The arrangement was supposed to be temporary, but he has grown accustomed to having a housekeeper. Alric is grateful that Jesamine takes care of his basic needs and handles the mundane chores. This gives him more time to pursue his research. Alric is completely unaware that Jesamine is a genie with a crush on him. He was never good at reading women. Unfortunately, the young redhead just isn't his type.

Deer Creek
    Deer Creek is your typical idyllic fantasy village, with a population of 1800 peasants. It sits atop several square miles of high ground a short distance from the Wild Buck river. The vast Thornwood Forest can be seen to the southeast. The main road that runs through the village is paved and well maintained. The village square is the main hub of activity. It is bordered by the inn, marketplace, common hall and a public well. Several narrow roads lead out across the plains, passing plowed fields, pastures, small houses, barns, work sheds, and grain silos. The most prominent businesses are a large smithy, an old mill, and woodworking shop. Most of the villagers are grain farmers, with a good mix of cow, pig and goat farmers.
    The village alderman is Giles Bennett, a balding man in his mid-50's. His talents in business and diplomacy have convinced several merchants to make regular trips to the village.

Fendrel Vernold
Body 8, Mind 5, PER 7, HP 8, MP 0, DV 3 (Studded Leather Armor), MV 40, Attacks: Longsword (AV 6, 5 Dam)
    Fendrel is a burly, 32-year-old hunter with shaggy brown hair and an impressive scar on his left forearm. He is a bit of a braggart, but considered honest, loyal and courageous by fellow villagers. He was the first to attempt to retrieve the Grimoire for Wilma the Witch. When he could not convince Jesamine to let him inside, the returned with three close friends. Fendrel, Borin, Haldrin, and Brom attempted to force their way into the tower. They spent the next two days and sleepless nights running headlong through the forest, trying to escape a giant bear that Jesamine summoned with a loud whistle. Although none of the men were clawed or bitten, there were several close calls. (The bear was actually a creation of Dreamer's Melody.)

The Grimoire of Malex Felthorn
    Like a tormenting demon from your darkest nightmare, the Grimoire has risen from the depths of the infernal realms. Its creator thought he had banished it to the blackness of the abyss for good, but nay, it was only for an epoch. Where the Grimoire travels, pandemonium and suffering follow like loyal dogs.
    The Grimoire is a hefty tome, measuring 10" wide, 15" long and 4" thick. The leather cover is rough and mottled gray, like the flesh of a desiccated corpse. The rough-cut, vellum pages are ruddy as though stained by the blood of its countless victims. Arcane secrets, written in the blackest ink, are inscribed upon the pages in wild calligraphy, the scrivening of a madman.
    The book is sealed in an ornate ebony box with disturbing scrollwork, depicting a serpent slithering through a tangle of thorny roses. The curled feet and finial top are made of antiqued bronze.
    There is a note lying on top of the book, scrawled with a shaky hand on time-worn parchment. The note reads, "I am reaching the end of my strength. The madness contained within this dark artifact threatens to consume me. All attempts to destroy the book have met with dismal failure. I cannot merely abandon this accursed tome in the wilderness, lest some unwary explorer become transfixed by its mystical glow. No, I must only give this to a sorcerer with the courage to look into the bloodshot eyes of insanity and realize they are his own. A doomed soul with the cunning to master this relic gains an ally of unspeakable power. At the moment he reads the first word, his fate is sealed. Eager for revenge upon mortals, the book will plague his rivals with the torment of fire and brimstone, a warning they will not soon forget. Death will befall any unworthy mortal who, in his arrogance, attempts to read the book of doom. Are you worthy?"

Jesamine the Genie
Body 11, Mind 7, PER 8, HP 11, MP 7, DV 4, MV 60, Attacks: Knife (AV 4, Dam 2)
    Jesamine knows the following spells and can cast them without playing a musical instrument - Flight of Fancy, Gypsy Folksong, Thief's Lullaby and Siren's Voice. While singing, she can also cast Cacophony, Discordant Tune, Dreamer's Melody, Fool's Ditty, and Twilight Aria.
    Jesamine is a fiery redhead with vivid green eyes. She wears an emerald green brocade dress and a gaudy amount of silver jewelry. She is egotistical and devious, even for a genie. She has no respect for most humans and considers Deer Creek to be the "cradle of idiocy". Despite her arrogance, she thinks Alric Arcadia is a mystical genius. Though he is absentminded, she finds him irresistibly charming and creative. Disguised as a human bard and claiming to be the daughter of a distant cousin, Jesamine convinced Alric to let her move in. She has been acting as his housekeeper and confidant for the last three years. Jesamine's dignity won't allow her to openly admit her feelings for Alric. She expects him to notice her one day and sweep her into a whirlwind romance. In the meantime, she will make sure no one else distracts him or turns his head. Jesamine is very patient and single-minded in pursuit of this dream.

The Purple Plague
    The Purple Plague resembles dermatitis. It is a fungal infection, usually picked up from livestock or pets. It is very infectious, spread by direct skin contact or prolonged contact with skin flakes shed by infected people. It causes skin dryness, itching, and blotchy purple rashes. Parts of the skin exposed to the sun are more prone to discoloration. Scratching causes the rashes to spread faster. Washing with fat or oil based soaps helps prevent skin from drying. There are many popular home remedies for the Purple Plague which offer some relief. Most people suggest applying aloe vera, cod liver oil, lemon juice, wheat germ oil, or witch hazel tea to the itchy areas. They also recommend eating burdock, chickweed, goldenseal or yellow dock to reduce the duration of the disease. Some women try bathing in water with peppermint or apple cider vinegar to alleviate the symptoms. Patients who avoid exposure to heat and humidity recover in approximately six weeks. Outbreaks of the plague that occur in the summer months last considerably longer.

Sable Fox
Body 5, Mind 5, PER 9, HP 3, MP 0, DV 1, Initiative: +1, MV 120, Attacks: Bite (AV 2, Dam 1)
    Sable foxes are fey creatures, most commonly found in the woods near elven lands. They have reddish brown fur with a white underside and tail tip, however they turn completely black when frightened. Their luminescent golden eyes allow them to see in the dark. They are extraordinarily clever and stealthy. They are able to use their nimble paws almost like hands. Their dens are extremely well hidden beneath the roots of old, massive trees.
    Sable foxes are respected and feared by villagers who have encountered them. Although they often steal food and shiny items from humans, they are considered to be benevolent. They kill rodents, venomous snakes, and other creatures detrimental to a village. As long as they are not hunted, they rarely steal important items and never steal from children.

Tormented Spirit
Body 0, Mind 4, PER 5, HP 4, MP 0, DV 0, MV 30, Attacks: Stun Touch (AV 4)
    A tormented spirit is a semi-transparent ghost with a frightening visage. It is insubstantial and can move slowly through walls. It can be hurt by melee weapons or damaging spells. It is slow-moving, dim-witted, and driven to attack the living. Each round that a tormented spirit touches a character, he must save versus stun or fall unconscious for 1d6 minutes. It is best to destroy tormented spirits quickly, using spells or long melee weapons.

Wilma the Witch
Body 5, Mind 8, PER 9, HP 5, MP 14, DV 0, MV 22, Attacks: Spells, Storm Wand (AV 5, 2 Dam)
    Wilma is sixty years old and hasn't aged well. From head to foot, she is every inch a village witch. Her silvery gray hair always looks windblown. Her purple robes are disheveled and patched. Her buckled leather shoes and crystal magic wand are thirty years out of date. Visitors can't help but notice the unsightly mole on her sizable nose. Her discordant voice frightens children and small animals.
    Wilma makes a good living dabbling in alchemy. Her customers trust her potions because they come from a mysterious witch, brewed in a workshop chock full of occult knickknacks and cloaked by the thick smoke of incense. She often speaks in riddles or rhymes around customers, occasionally chanting a bit of insightful gossip that makes her seem prophetic later on. Her shop opens at sunset and closes two hours later. She has tamed a giant black rat named Mephisto. This pet keeps curious and dishonest people from entering her shop uninvited.
    When she isn't playing her role as a witch, Wilma is a genuinely good woman. She is adventurous and has a stubborn streak a mile wide, but she is also gentle, intelligent and kind. She knows all of the low and high magic incantations related to healing. She charges just enough for her potions to make ends meet.
    Wilma knows that Alric can be absentminded and forgetful. She has also figured out that his distant relative is manipulative and sneaky. Wilma's plan is to hire adventurers to steal Alric's most prized possession. She knows he will leave the Tower to retrieve it, no matter how hard Jesamine tries to convince him otherwise. If Wilma confesses her feelings to Alric while he is angry and away from his work, he might actually listen and remember it. She has no intention of reading or keeping the Grimoire.

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