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Great and many are the lucky people who have played Doc's amazing games. Are you one of them? Tell us your tale of dinky adventure! Enjoyed this web site? Let us know!

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Behold, the immortal words of our visitors!

Posted by YenaDurn on 2/12/2019

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Posted by YenaDurn on 2/6/2019
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Posted by Anne Friende on 1/30/2019
Here you will find the full original text of Dinky Dungeons:

pastebin dot com slash EWCS1vmC

Full text, reformatted for better readability:

pastebin dot com slash e15e9Kj2

Please do not delete or modify. Enjoy!

Posted by ZbtDurn on 12/1/2018

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Posted by Brian K on 11/23/2018
I picked up a copy at GenCon, I think it was 1986. I loved the game and still have a soft place in my heart for fuzzy winkers. I'm really glad that I'm not the only fan

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