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Voyage of the Sea King
Sea King

Summary: The Sea King sets sail today for Minnow Island, a beautiful vacation spot. The characters have been invited on the three-hour cruise. Too bad it's crab season...

Starting Location: Pelican Cove, located where the East Fork River flows into the ocean.
Artwork: The Sea King

Plot Hooks:

  • A local merchant offers the party a free cruise on the Sea King, if they'll listen to a short speech about something called a "time share" for scenic beachfront cabins.
  • Pelican Cove is celebrating the Autumn Festival, featuring knife throwing, fire dancing, and flute playing contests. The party wins tickets to a sunset party on Minnow Island.
  • A beautiful, young islander flirts with a character and invites him to spend the evening with her on Minnow Island. She'll even introduce the rest of the party to some of her friends...

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