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The Hermit of Boz

Summary: The townsfolk of Boz have always relied on the predictions of a local hermit. Now, he has predicted a terrible fate for the characters. Will it come true?

Starting Location: Boz, near the northern bend of the Swiftwater River.
Artwork: The Hermit of Boz

Plot Hooks:

  • The party leader receives a formal letter from the mayor of Boz. "It is my solemn and honorable duty to protect the citizens of this town. Due to the tragic and horrific events predicted for you in the near future, I must respectfully ask you to leave this town and its environs forthwith."
  • While passing through Boz, a grey-haired commoner approaches the party. "Good sirs, Advocate Belroy at yer service. I hear you have needs of yer Last Will and Testaments afore the next sevenday. I won't charge aught but a few coppers. What say you?"
  • While searching for a campsite near nightfall, the party encounters a merchant and his hirelings. The merchant is grateful for the company of bold adventurers who can deter any bandits, until he learns their names. He passed through Boz only a week ago and heard rumors of a certain dire prediction.

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