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Treasure of Grimm Isle

Summary: Ahoy, maties! Captain Pegleg's booty's been missing fer years, but with this here treasure map, even a land lubber like you can find it. Be it grog or gold, that thar loot be yours!

Starting Location: Buccaneer Bay, located where the Wild Buck River flows into the ocean.
Maps: Grimm Isle Treasure Map
Artwork: Captain Pegleg

Plot Hooks:

  • A weather-worn sailor stands on a crate outside of the tavern, brandishing his cutlass. "Ho there, me hearties! I be Captain Dregs o' the Sea Gopher, the grandest ship to sail this here sea, the very ship that sank the Salty Brine and stole the masthead from the But'ry Lobster! I be lookin' for a few sprogs t' join me crew and sail fer Pegleg's Cove! Who's with me?"
  • After playing poker in a disreputable tavern, a character wins a small sum of money and a treasure map. The party just needs to hire a ship and they'll be sailing to fortune and fame.
  • The party visits an antiques store which is going out of business. "No reasonable offers refused!" The ancient coins, oak coffers, and bronze candlesticks are interesting, but the framed map of a mysterious island really catches their attention.

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