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In one ear and out the other. Critical hit.
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Brought you to from the remote Library of Kazizathik, a compendium of monsters so foul, so deadly, and so terrifying that adventurers quake at the mere sound of their names! Players, scram. Devious game masters, read on!

The Defense Value (DV) of creatures is based upon natural armor, agility, and size. If a creature has several different attacks, the most powerful one is listed first. Movement (MV) is listed as speed out of combat. If the creature has two rates, the first is running (or swimming for sea creatures) and the second is flying.

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Creature   Goblin
Body 6, Mind 5, PER 6, HP 7, MP 5
DV *, Initiative: 0, MV 44
Attacks: Stab: Short Sword (AV 4, Dam 3), Bite (AV 2, Dam 2)
Description: Able to build traps and lay ambushes. They live in tribes and can use primitive tools.
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