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Great and many are the lucky people who have played Doc's amazing games. Are you one of them? Tell us your tale of dinky adventure! Enjoyed this web site? Let us know!

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Behold, the immortal words of our visitors!

Posted by Xina on 8/11/2019
It's great to see so many Dinky Dungeons fans stop by the site. If you have a WordPress or other site where we can read about your games or chat about DD, please let us know!

Posted by David Johnston on 8/10/2019
Hey, Doc Elliott! I see your post below! Is that you, Mr. Elliott? The original author? If so, we'd love a way to chat with you about DD and SS!

Posted by David Johnston on 8/10/2019
A bunch of us are dying to get our hands on copies of all the Dinky Dungeons works, and Small Space, too. Does anyone here know how to contact Denton R. Elliot or Uncle Morty? We've been poking around on the internet for years, but have come with nothing.

Posted by Doc Elliott on 5/30/2019
Fuzzy winkers were never met to actually "blink" or teleport, they just told people they could and travelled in pairs similar to the tourtises that would race bugs bunny.

Posted by Anne Friende on 1/30/2019
Here you will find the full original text of Dinky Dungeons:

pastebin dot com slash EWCS1vmC

Full text, reformatted for better readability:

pastebin dot com slash e15e9Kj2

Please do not delete or modify. Enjoy!

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